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Homeowners should realise that their home carpet is among the largest investments they will ever make in life. With the floor being among the most expansive surfaces in a home, buying the right caret will be costly and should, therefore, be done with utmost seriousness for the most value and satisfaction. One of the things to note when it comes to buying good quality carpets is the difference between perceived quality and actual quality. Making this distinction will help you avoid the sales pitch by most salesmen and focus on getting value for your money.

When buying a brand new carpet, most home buyers will be convinced that what they see is what they get. Carpet salesmen will show you the best colours that appeal to you and seem to have the best uniformity with the interior d├ęcor. However, as you will find out not every carpet that looks great is worth its value. Even though, appearance is important your will need to focus on some of the vital components of good quality carpets. These include the density, material and padding used. These are the main factors that drive the real value of a carpet.



Materials used to manufacture good quality carpets include both natural and artificial/synthetic variants. Wool is the chief natural material used. Carpets made of wool tend to be of the highest quality and can be quite expensive. Synthetic fibres are also used to make high-quality carpets. The common materials here include polyester, nylon and acrylic. The carpets made of these materials are usually more affordable but are also durable. The best thing about synthetic fibre carpets is that most are dirt and stain resistant. They also tend to be easy to clean offering home owners great value.



Carpet density refers to how closely sewn the fibres are. The closer the fibres are packed, the denser the carpet. A dense carpet is usually stronger and more durable as compared to loosely packed carpets. Saxony carpets are one of the best examples of dense carpets associated with high quality and soft appealing texture.



Most people usually forget to get the right padding for their new carpet. The padding is usually as important as a good quality carpet. The padding separates the carpet from the hard floor surface and resultantly saves it from unnecessary wear and tear. When shopping for a new carpet, remember to ask the specialists at our store for the best padding to be used with that type of carpet.

Carpets R Us Superstore is the largest carpet shop in Morpeth. We stock a variety of high-quality carpets including heavyweight Sensation carpets at the lowest prices. If you are unable to come into our store, call us in and we will send qualified carpet specialists to help measure your home and offer carpeting recommendations.


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