What to Look for in Good Quality Carpets

If you go to a carpet shop in Gateshead without any idea about what makes up good quality carpets, you are very likely to go home with something that does not meet your expectations. There are several things that you should check to determine the general quality of a carpet, which include pile height, twist and density among many others. Remember that high-quality carpets are not necessarily expensive. You can still get great quality products at a good deal.


Density of Good Quality Carpets

Compared to other factors that influence carpet quality, density is very important. A denser carpet is more durable and resilient. Hence, good quality carpets in Gateshead will be a bit dense. This is basically when all the tuffs used to create carpets are packed very closely together. When looking at carpet samples to determine good quality Sensation carpets, just bend it backwards. If you can be able to bend it very easily, then it is regarded as sparser.

The benefit of choosing dense Saxony carpets is that they are capable of withstanding more than other carpeting that is not as dense. Actually, sparse carpeting will likely become matted and crushed within a short period after buying. In contrast, dense carpeting withstands abuse much better and also feels more luxurious and softer under your feet. Check closely any carpet you are thinking of buying.


Twist of Good Quality Carpets

Carpets are made in various different ways. In a common step, individual fibres are twisted and heat-set in order to retain their new shape. When carpet fibres are twisted many times, it increases the quality of the final product. Hence, when you enter a carpet shop in Gateshead, ensure you enquire about the twisting quality of the carpet you want to purchase.

It is also easy to look at good quality carpets in Gateshead to find out if a good twist was used when making the carpet. Just look at the ends of the carpet up close and if they are tight and night, then it is likely the fibres were twisted numerous times. If you find that the ends are loose and frayed, then the carpeting could get damaged very easily, and it will not last long.


Pile Height of Good Quality Carpets

One factor that will likely be listed in the description in a carpet shop in Gateshead is the pile height. This is basically how high the individual fibres are extending above the main backing. Taller pieces mean a greater pile height. Good quality Sensation and Saxon carpets should be of a decent height.

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